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Seanol Rejumo Shampoo
Rp. 359.000 /Rp. 249.000 /min. order: 1

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Atomy rose rain mist
Atomy rose rain mist
Code:  287
Products Name:  Atomy rose rain mist
Price: Rp. 250.000 /
Min Order: 1
Weight: 1.00 kg
Category: OTHER
Description :

Atomy - ROSE Rain Mist For Body / Hair / Face 130ml

Description :
Essential mist, containing all the functions of toner, essence, and nutrition
Sprays out into a fine mist, and fills up the dry and tired skin with lasting moisture.
Natural rosewater refreshes your skin.
No Benzophenone, artificial color, artificial scent, sulfate-surfactant, acrylamide, or mineral oil added.

Direction :
Spray onto the face from about 20cm a foot distance whenever the skin feels dry. Then either let it dry naturally or pat lightly. May be used either before or after showering.

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